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International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research

A study of serum magnesium and dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

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Author Details: Netravathi Sajjan, Mohammed Shamsuddin

Volume : 3

Issue :

Online ISSN : 2394-6377

Print ISSN : 2394-6369

Article First Page : 36

Article End Page : 41


Background: Type 2 diabetes is a heterogeneous metabolic disease characterised by insulin resistance in peripheral tissue together with impaired insulin secretion. It affects more than 285 million peoples worldwide and estimated that it will affect more than 438 million by the year 2030. It is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Magnesium is an important intracellular cation. Hypomagnesaemia is associated with diabetes. Dyslipidemia is seen in Diabetes mellitus.
Objectives: To estimate serum magnesium and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and controls. To correlate serum Magnesium level with lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.
Materials & methods: A total of 100 subjects were included, out of which 50 were cases and 50 were controls. Fasting blood sugar (FBS), serum magnesium and lipid profile were measured. Data was statistically analyzed using SPSS 17thversion.
Results: There was statistical significant difference of serum Magnesium levels 1.56mg/dI due to hyperglycemia induced osmotic diuresis , Total cholesterol (TC), Triglycerides, Low density lipoprotein(LDL) and High density lipoprotein(HDL) due to increased flux of free fatty acids to liver secondary to insulin resistance was observed in Type 2 diabetes when compared with healthy controls. Significant negative correlation was observed between serum magnesium with Fasting blood glucose, TC, Triglycerides and LDL. Significant positive correlation was observed between serum magnesium and HDL levels.
Conclusion: Hypomagnesaemia has role in perturbation of lipid metabolism in diabetics.

Fasting Blood Sugar, Dyslipidemia, Serum Magnesium