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IP Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology

Digital Photographic RGB Scores used for the Evaluation of Skin Color

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Author Details: Arucha Treesirichod, Somboon Chansakulporn, Pattra Wattanapan

Volume : 1

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-4729

Print ISSN : 2581-4710

Article First Page : 17

Article End Page : 20


Background: The photograph is one method that has been used for the evaluation of skin color. The numeric values extracted from the photographs could be of value for statistical assessment.
Objective: To assess the correlation between skin color evaluation using a narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer (Mexameter MX18) and digital photographic RGB scores.
Methods: The participants were evaluated for skin color by a narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer (Mexameter MX18) and had taken the photographs for RGB scores assessment from the photography computer program (Adobe® Photoshop CS2 version 9). Skin color was measured on four different anatomical skin sites of each participant. These sites were on the medial aspect of the volar and the dorsal regions of both forearms.
Statistical analysis used: Pearson correlation
Results: A total of 208 records from 52 participants were established. The average of R, G, B and sum of the RGB scores from photographs were 162.4±11.9, 147.5±17.6, 135.4±24.8 and 445.3±51.9 respectively. The correlation coefficient of the digital photographic RGB scores and each index; M, E and M plus E indices were at -0.85, -0.81 and -0.85 respectively with a statistical significance of P < 0.001.
Conclusions: Skin color evaluation using a narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer has shown an inverse correlation with a digital photographic RGB scores.

Key Words: Digital photographic RGB scores, mexameter MX18, narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer
Key Messages: What was known? Photographs can have a role in skin color evaluation. Nevertheless, the photograph is a subjective assessment.