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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

A Study of profile of glaucoma in eastern UP

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Author Details: Ramyash Singh Yadav, B.M. Rao, Monika Bareja, Ajeet Pandey

Volume : 2

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2395-1451

Print ISSN : 2395-1443

Article First Page : 115

Article End Page : 117


Objective: To study the profile of glaucoma patients in Eastern UP.
Method: Prospective cross sectional study includes 193 cases of age group (more than 30 years). Both male and female were included.
Results: The total number of 193 cases was studied. Out of these 106 (54.9%) were male and 87 (45.07%) were female with a male female ratio was 1.21. Primary glaucoma was more common than secondary glaucoma. Among primary glaucoma, primary narrow angle glaucoma (44.4%) was more common followed by primary open angle glaucoma (36.2%). Mean age of POAG patients was (54.2±7.2 years), PNAG was (60.1±11.1 years), NTG was of (64.6±11.8 years), ocular hypertension was of (55±7.2 years) and secondary glaucoma was of (53.2±11.2 years). PNAG was more common in females and rest of glaucoma was common in male. Glaucoma, Profile, Visual impairment, Eastern U.P.
Conclusion: Glaucoma causes progressive atrophy of the optic disc resulting in typical defects in the visual field. It can lead to total loss of vision if left untreated. The diagnosis glaucoma has to be made only after comprehensive eye examination and not only on one parameter. Regular follow up is must to access progression which is essential for glaucoma. Glaucoma awareness has to be created among peoples, for them to get examined at early stage to rule out presence of glaucoma. If glaucoma is found, appropriate management is provided to prevent visual function impairment or loss.

Keywords: Glaucoma, Profile, Visual impairment, Eastern UP