Indian Journal of Microbiology Research


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Author Details: Laik Rajesh, R.N.Gupta

Volume : 1

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2394-5478

Print ISSN : 2394-546X

Article First Page : 14

Article End Page : 36


Background: When a patient goes to hospital, first thing in traditional system of Hospital, patients has to wait for a long time, to get appointment, but in this old system, manual register entry of patients name-age-time- and token was used, the token number was called by Doctor, till then the patients has to wait. But in case of emergency also the patients were the sufferer. Many times rural India suffers a lot due to lack of such modern technology and wireless network. So the demand of ZIGBEE technology is very alarming. To arrive at Zigbee stage at first the frequency of wireless system of hospital is specified, though. We need to know the category of patient, their clinical history, either Genetic disease which is inherited disorders, and then we can compile the patients convert into data-profile of each patient coming to Hospital. The data profile of patient is converted into into paper and Files documentation this file is feeded into system to make it more flexible, and then the patient is given an I.D from the registration Counter where he or she stands in a Queue. The patient is assigned a Digital card, to track his/her status that I.D card of Hospital becomes the personal information of the Patient via which the communication is done to the respective diagnosis lab/Doctors/Nurse/Medicine to get the required facilities the patient need for the treatment. Here we design a Biomedical sensor network with the help of low-power ZIGBEE technology, this can transfer Data of cancer patients from Server – Modem – system sitting at home to hospital- Doctor thus early screening of patient is alerted and important treatment can be taken. Specifically for cancer monitoring system, which will be easily accessible by sitting at home, with the help of medical base station, set-up will be at cancer hospital the data of the patient will be documented in system and transmitted to Doctor, Nurse of hospital, for appropriate care. Bioinformatics web-server will be used, to develop health care monitor server. Collection of Patient I.D – documentation- uploaded to health base station – server – system. Components of the Zigbee network are microcontroller (8051).

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Data Profile, Zigbeetechnology, Biomedical sensor.