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Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research

Uterus like ovarian mass in a young female clinically mimicking Carcinoma ovary

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Author Details: Jaydeep Pol, Yash Kale, Madhura Phadake, Girish Kadkol

Volume : 5

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2394-2754

Print ISSN : 2394-2746

Article First Page : 161

Article End Page : 162


Uterus – like ovarian mass is a rare entity of uncertain histogenesis. A 30 year old female had a Left ovarian mass. Her preoperative serum CA 125 was 700U/ml. So a clinical diagnosis of Carcinoma ovary was made. We received left salpingo-opherectomy specimen for intraoperative frozen consultation. On gross examination, left ovarian mass measured 10x8x6.5cm. External surface was smooth and showed congested blood vessels. On cutting, mass was partly solid and partly cystic showing small cystic cavities filled with blood mixed fluid. The cyst wall surrounding the cavities was remarkably thickened. Microscopic examination of frozen section revealed a lesion predominantly composed of benign spindle cells. So we gave a diagnosis of benign cystic non neoplastic lesion on frozen section. Formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections followed. Microscopic examination of formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections revealed a cystic mass lined by endometrial type of lining and stroma surrounded by remarkable smooth muscle hyperplasia. In areas, haemorrhage, infiltration by hemosiderophages and hemorrhagic corpus luteum were also seen. So we gave a final diagnosis of uterus like ovarian mass.
To the best of our knowledge, only 15 cases of extrauterine uterus like masses have been reported in the literature. Of  these, 5 cases were of ovarian origin.  This report documents a sixth case of uterus-like ovarian mass.

Keywords: Uterus like ovarian mass in a young female clinically mimicking Carcinoma ovary.

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