Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Aluminium chloride catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 2-aryl substituted benzimidazoles and their antibacterial activity

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Author Details: K. Srikanth Kumar, A. Lakshmana Rao, A. Prameela Rani, G.N.V. Mounika, J. Sri Ramya

Volume : 4

Issue :

Online ISSN : 2393-9087

Print ISSN : 2393-9079

Article First Page : 198

Article End Page : 202


2-aryl substituted benzimidazole derivatives were synthesized by using various aromatic aldehydes contains electron releasing as well as electron withdrawing groups, o-phenylenediamine and aluminium chloride as a catalyst via one-pot reaction by use of water as ecological solvent. This route provides an ecological, uncomplicated develops and give compounds in high yield. The synthesized 2-aryl substituted benzimidazole derivatives were characterized by physical (molecular weight, molecular formula, melting point, recrystallization, Rf value) and spectral data (IR and (1)H-NMR). All the synthesized compounds were evaluated for their in-vitro antibacterial activity against few gram-positive and few gram-negative microorganisms.

Keywords: o-Phenylenediamine, Aluminium chloride, Aromatic aldehydes, 2-Aryl substituted benzimidazole derivatives, Antibacterial activity