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A comparative study of effect of sodium valproate & flunarizine on psychomotor performance in patients of common migraine: A randomized, parallel, open label, prospective observational study

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Bajaj V A,Turankar AV*,Thakre M,Tiple PG,V M. Motghare

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2393-9087

Print ISSN : 2393-9079

Article First Page : 22

Article End Page : 27


Introduction: Psychomotor performance results from the coordination of sensory and motor system through the integrative and organizational process of brain and central nervous system. Psychotropic drugs may adversely affect work performance which depends on psychomotor activities. Both valproate and flunarizine are widely used drugs in prophylaxis of migraine and they are known to have effect on psychomotor performance. Hence this study was carried out to evaluate the effect of valproate & flunarizine on psychomotor performance in patients of migraine with the help of battery of subjective & objective psychomotor tests over a period of 8 weeks.
Materials and Methods: Patients were allocated to one of the two groups on first day of examination. Baseline psychomotor tests were measured using battery of tests including critical flicker fusion test (CFFT), hand steadiness test (HST), arithmetic ability test & reaction time monitoring. At the end of 4 weeks & 8 weeks, again tests using same methods employed previously were performed. Efficacy was calculated by using Migraine dairy template (0, 4, 8 weeks) & CGI Scale (end). A total of 44 patients were recruited with 22 patients in each arm.
Results: Flunarizine (n=20) & valproate (n=20) significantly increased CFFT, AAT scores at the end of 8 weeks compared to baseline and significantly reduced HST, RT, Frequency, Duration and severity at the end of 8 weeks compared to baseline. When flunarizine was compared to valproate no statistical significance was found in scores of CFFT, AAT, HST, RT, Frequency, duration, severity, global improvement and efficacy index.
Conclusion: Flunarizine & Valproate were found to be equally efficacious to improve psychomotor performance.

Keywords: Sodium valproate, Flunarizine, Psychomotor, Migraine, Prophylaxis, Performance.

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