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Journal of Dental Specialities

Evaluation of frictional forces generated in retrieved aesthetic wires with different ligation methods

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Author Details: Rabinder Kaur, Piush Kumar, Payal Sharma, Shalaj Bhatnagar

Volume : 4

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2393-9834

Print ISSN : 2320-7302

Article First Page : 26

Article End Page : 30


Objective: To evaluate frictional forces generated in retrieved aesthetic archwires with different ligation methods.
Materials and Method: A total of 40(20 new and 20 retrieved from the patient’s mouth) Teflon coated 019X025 Stainless steel archwires and 40(20 new and 20 retrieved from the patient’s mouth) conventional 019X025 Stainless steel archwires were used for the study. The retrieved archwires were cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner for 15 minutes and placed in glutaraldehyde solution for one hour. A jig was formed using ceramic brackets without metal slot and a molar tube for the purpose of evaluation of friction forces. The wires were ligated with either stainless steel ligatures or elastomeric modules. The values obtained were subjected to Mann Whitney and Wilcoxon Sign rank test for statistical analysis.
Results: The frictional values for conventional Stainless steel wires was less than Teflon coated wires in case of new wires. In case of retrieved archwires there was no difference between conventional or Teflon coated wires. The amount of friction for both Teflon coated and conventional wires decreased on retrieved from the patient. In case of Teflon coated wires the friction was greater with ligatures as compared to modules while in case of conventional Stainless steel wires it was vice-versa.
Conclusion: Teflon coated wires when cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner showed reduction in frictional forces with no significant difference in friction generated by both methods of ligation.

Key Words:
Frictional Forces, Coated Stainless Steel Wire, Retrieved Wire