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Journal of Dental Specialities

Relationship of body mass index to maximum bite force in a sample group from Nepalese population

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Author Details: Pramita Suwal, Bishal Babu, Rojina Shakya

Volume : 5

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2393-9834

Print ISSN : 2320-7302

Article First Page : 95

Article End Page : 97


Statement of problem: The force generated by masticatory apparatus can be called as bite force in normal functions of jaws. Various factors such as age, sex, built, periodontal support etc. can affect the bite force.
Purpose: To evaluate the impact of body mass index (BMI) over bite force in Nepalese adult individuals.
Materials and Method: Total 384 adult volunteers from Eastern Nepal were enrolled in the study to record bite force and BMI. Statistical analysis was done at 95% confidence interval with the level of significance at 0.05.
Results: The mean maximum bite force (MMBF) of Nepalese adult population was approximately 273N. The BMI had no significant impact on MMBF.
Conclusion: The study found the MMBF of Nepalese adult population and within its limitations, the study did not establish BMI as a predictor of MMBF.

Keywords: Mean maximum bite force, BMI, Masticatory efficiency, Age, Gender, Masticatory apparatus