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Journal of Preventive Medicine and Holistic Health

Comparison of Lipid and Thyroid Profile among non-obese, overweight and obese children of 4-14 years age group

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Author Details: Seema Lekhwani, Kapil Bhalla, N D Vaswani, Vijay Sarup, Veena Singh Ghalaut, Ragini Singh

Volume : 2

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2454-6712

Print ISSN : 2454-6704

Article First Page : 8

Article End Page : 12


Background: Obesity is an important pediatric public health problem associated with risk of complications in childhood and increased morbidity and mortality throughout adult life. It results due to imbalance in energy intake and energy expenditure, the latter is linked to sedentary lifestyle. This is in particular associated due to excessive television watching, computer use, and insufficient outdoor playing. Childhood obesity is associated with unfavorable lipid profiles, suggesting that obese children should be screened for hypercholesterolemia. In recent years there has been increasing focus on thyroid function in obese children. There is controversy whether the changed thyroid profile in obesity is cause or consequence. The aim of this study was to evaluate the lipid and thyroid profile in non-obese, overweight and obese children of 4-14 years age group.
Methods: This prospective study was carried out on pediatric patients attending OPD in a tertiary medical centre for a period of 1 year. At least 50 samples from each group were taken for analysis. Fasting blood samples of all eligible children were sent to the biochemistry laboratory for analysis of lipid profile (TG, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL) and thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH). At the end of the study, the data was collected and analyzed by using SPSS20.
Conclusion: The study concluded that mean levels of LDL, VLDL, and total cholesterol were significantly increased in obese children while triglycerides were slightly on the higher side, the levels of thyroid hormones were not affected and found to be completely in the normal limits suggesting normal thyroid functioning. Obesity was equally prevalent in all the strata of society and socio economic status didn’t seem to influence it.

Obesity, Public health problem, Lipid, Thyroid