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Dr. Kumar Anshul – Manipal College of Dental Sciences, India

Dr. Harsh Rajvanshi - I.T.S Dental College, India

Dr. Ayesha Zaka - Margalla College of Dentistry, Pakistan


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Editorial Board





Dr. Kumar Anshul - Editor In Chief

Dr. Harsh Rajvanshi - Executive Editor

Dr. Ayesha Zaka - Executive Editor


Communications and Associate Editor





Dr. Paridhi Kalia, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, USA

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Dr. Ebadullah Shafi, Design and Graphics Incharge- RAK College of Dental Sciences, UAE

Reviewers Panel

Dr. Gregori Kurtzman, DDS, Fellow in the AGD, AAIP, ACD, ICOI, PFA, ADI. Mastership - AGD and ICOI. Diplomat- ICOI, ADIA – USA


Dr. Christopher Majdi, MSHCA, CHBC, CBA - USA


Dr. Stefan Theodor Serban, DMD, MPH- Netherlands


Dr. Juan Carlos Munévar, MSc (Oral Biology) - Colombia


Dr. Manu Dhillon, BDS, MDS (OMDR) - India


Dr. Narayan H Gandedkar, MDS (Ortho), FCFO - Taiwan


Dr. Ricardo Machado, Masters in Endo, PhD (Endo) - Brazil


Dr. Mohamed El-Massry, MBBCh, MSc (Gen Surgery), BDS, PhD (Oral, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery) - Egypt


Dr. Ankur Rustagi, MDS (OMFS) (AIIMS) - India.

Dr. Pankaj Dhingra, BDS, DDS - USA


Dr. Anil Chandra, BDS, MDS (KGMU) - India


Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh, BDS, Dip Dental Hygiene, M.Sc (Dental Materials), PhD - Canada


Dr. Ameet Vaman Revankar, BDS, MDS (Ortho) - India


Dr. Jitendra Sharan, BDS, MDS (Ortho), PhD (Ortho) (AIIMS) - India






Dr. Pravesh Bizenia, BDS, MDS (Prostho) (AIIMS) - India


Dr. Sumeet Grover, BDS, MDS (Ortho) - Russia


Dr. Mahesh Sadhnani, BDS, MPH, DMD - USA


Dr. Saurabh Lall, BDS, MDS (Perio), Fellow PFA - India


Dr. Rajeev Chitguppi, BDS, MDS (Perio) - India

Dr. Thomas Thong Nguyen, DMD, AEGD, MSc Dental Sciences- Canada


Dr. Ashith B. Acharya, BDS, GDFO, Forensic Odontologist - India

Dr. Mohamed-Nur Abdallah, BDS, M.Sc Dental Sciences - Canada


Dr. Joharia Azhar Saadat, BDS, MSc (Oral Path) (London), Mphill (NUST) – Pakistan


Dr Swati Pradeep Patel, BDS, MDS (Perio), PhD (Perio) - India


Dr. Kamran Habib Awan, BDS, Ph.D (Oral Medicine) - UK


Dr. Emmanuel J. N. L. Silva, M.Sc (Endo), PhD (Endo) - Brazil


Dr. Jaime Díaz, DDS, M.Sc - Chile


Dr. Malay Kumar, BDS, MDS (Oral Path) - India


Dr. Fahim Ahmed Vora , MDS (Prostho), M Clin Dent (Prostho), MFDS, RCPSG - UK


Dr Haby Mathew Somson, BDS. MDS (Prostho), Dip. in Laser (Geneva) - India


Dr. Suresh Shenvi, BDS, MDS (Endo) - India


Dr. Satpreet Singh, BDS, MPH (USA) - India


Dr. Ramesh Kumaresan, BDS, MDS (OMFS) - Malaysia


Dr. Ala' Ersheidat, BSc, BDS, JB (Perio) – Kingdom of Jordan


Dr. Meena Jain, BDS, MDS (PHD), PhD (Dent. Sci.) India


Dr. Zohaib Khurshid, BDS, MRes in Biomaterials - UK


Dr. Shivani Kohli, BDS (MAHE), MDS (Prostho) - Malaysia


Dr. Naresh Sharma, BDS, MDS (Pedo), MADA (USA) - India


Dr. Mohammed Jasim Al-juboori, BDS, M.Sc (Implant Specialist), Fellow ICOI - Iraq


Dr. Qian Wang, DMD, Ph.D (China), Post-Doctoral Fellow- USA


Dr. Shivlal Vishnoi, BDS, MDA (Perio) - India


Dr. Shaveta Kaushal, MDS, MIPS (Prostho) - India


Dr. Ujjwal Pyakurel, BDS, MDS (Ortho) - Nepal


Dr. Muhammad Sohail Zafar, BDS, PhD (UK), MSc (UK), F.I.C.D (USA), F.A.D.I (USA) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia