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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Indian Journal of Microbiology Research is a multidisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal. IJMR publishes information on basic and applied microbiology for a worldwide readership. It publishes articles in all subject of microbiology and it addresses the National and International scientific community. The special fields covered are microorganisms (eukaryotes: protoctists, moulds, yeast; prokaryotes: bacteria, cyanobacteria, archaea; viruses, prions), microbial biology (physiology, genetics, pathogenesis) and microbial applications (medical microbiology, biodeterioration, bioremediation, biotechnology). Aim & Scope: Indian J Microbiol Res aims to publish all the latest and outstanding articles in all areas of major importance to techniques of microbiology and applied research. It publishes high-quality research and review papers on novel aspects of microbiology, including medical, pharmaceutical, and bio-deterioration, etc. Special emphasis is given to issues that go beyond the traditional boundaries of a microbiology journal: the state-of-the-art of microbiology in different parts of the world, the research activities and interests of outstanding microbiologists, the role of microbiology in society and education, new findings from the frontiers of current research, etc. Article Type: Original Research Article, Review Article, Case Report/Series, Short Communication, Letter to Editor etc. Indexing Information: Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Crossref etc. Subscription Information: A subscription of Indian Journal of Microbiology Research (IJMR) publish quarterly issues per year. Prices are included of postage charges. Annual Subscription rate for Institutional is Rs. 5000/- Individual Rs. 3000/- International Institutional Price US $300 and Individual US $200 including all postal exp. Free online access with the print subscription. The amount shall be remitted as Cheque/DD/online transfer in favour of IP Innovative Publication  Read More...

Current Volume : 5 , Issue 4 ,Year 2018

1) Biomarkers improves prognostic and mortality prediction in pneumonia

Author : D. Danis Vijay, S. Jayanthi, N. Meenakshi

Page No : 430-435

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0089

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2) Mechanisms of bacterial degradation of arsenic

Author : Emaneghemi Brown, Zhao Mengmeng, Fan Taotao, Wu Juanli, Niu Junbo

Page No : 436-441

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0090

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3) A paradigm shift in Enterococcal infections: A cause of concern

Author : Archana Rao K, Ravindranath C

Page No : 442-445

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0091

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6) Bacterial contamination of mobile phones of healthcare workers at a tertiary care hospital

Author : Sufia Siddiqui, Hafiza Jamal, Santosh Kotgire, Uzma Afreen

Page No : 460-465

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0094

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8) A study of aerobic bacteriological profile of chronic suppurative otitis media in a tertiary care hospital, South India

Author : Smitha N R, Jnaneshwara K B, Asha B Patil, Harshika Y K, Shobha Medegar

Page No : 470-475

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0096

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12) Burden of Chikungunya and its seasonal trend in south Karnataka- A study in a tertiary care centre

Author : Trupti B. Naik, Sathish J. V., Jayashree S.

Page No : 492-496

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0100

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14) Mycological profile of intertrigo of foot in a tertiary care hospital, Mysore, South India

Author : Raghavendra Rao M, Vinay Kumar V, Satya Sai B, Krishna Karthik M, Ranjitha Shankare Gowda

Page No : 504-507

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0102

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15) Epidemiological profile of candida isolated from septicemic patients

Author : Thressia Thomas, Meena Dias

Page No : 508-511

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0103

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16) Grading of intensity of fluorescence in anti-nuclear antibody test

Author : Therese Mary Dhason, Meenakshi Subramaniam, Sowndhariya Velu Annamalai, Vignesh Mantharam, Nesa Aurl

Page No : 512-515

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0104

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17) Distribution of methanogenic archaea in different oral sites amongst subjects with halitosis

Author : Vasanth Ayswarya, Vamsi Lavu, Suresh Ranga Rao

Page No : 516-523

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0105

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18) A clinicomycological study of dermatophytic infection in a tertiary care hospital

Author : Yashaswini M.K, Vijaya D, Sathyanarayan B.D

Page No : 524-529

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0106

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20) Clinico-etiological study of vaginal discharge in adult women – A hospital based study

Author : Vani Gopal, Gopal R, Rupavani, Mangaiyarkarasi T.

Page No : 535-537

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0108

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21) Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of multidrug resistant gram negative bacilli in lower respiratory tract Infections in a tertiary care hospital of Tripura

Author : Anup Saha, Jayanta Debnath, Pradip Kumar Das, Niladri Sekhar Das, Pranjal Tripathi

Page No : 538-542

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0109

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22) Effects of different sample processing protocols on dermatophyte culture yield: A comparative study

Author : Jaswinder Singh Gill, Sourav Sen, Ashwini Agarwal

Page No : 543-547

Doi : 10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0110

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