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I the corresponding author along with the other contributing author, confirm that authors listed on the manuscript are aware of their authorship status and quality to be authors on manuscript and acting with consent of all authors listed on the manuscript have read the instruction to authors and terms and condition and accepted the same and hereby submit he manuscript to Innovative Publication Journal. I/we believe the manuscript represents valid work. Neither this manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship has been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere.

I/We understand that the material being presented do not contain or include material taken from other copyrighted sources. Wherever such material has been included, it has been clearly indicated / and identified in the paper and proper acknowledgements given by citing the source at appropriate places. Wherever required I/We have taken permission and acknowledged the source.

I/We hereby authorize the Editor of the journal to carryout formatting, copy editing and minor grammatical corrections and make changes in the article to make it suitable for publication in the journal. I/We hereby transfer all the copyrights relating to the said article to the publisher. The author(s) reserves all proprietary rights such as patent rights and right to use all or part of the article in future works of their own such as lectures, press releases, original research, case report, short communication and review etc. In case republication of the whole, part or parts thereof, in periodicals or reprint publications by a third party, written permission must be obtained from the Publisher. Once the manuscript is accepted by Innovative Publication for publication, it becomes the property of Innovative Publication, whose permission is required for any operations covered by the Copyright Act.

Journal allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and also allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions.

We agree to abide with all the rules and regulations of IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd.

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